Luistermuur Atelier Audiokunst 2020-2021

Wim Verbruggen

Interplay between wind and a communications tower, recorded early April 2021 near Fagne de Malchamps (Belgium). You mostly hear the surrounding birds and tree leaves in the wind, but occasionally the eerie singing of the tower becomes audible.

Contact mic recording of a fence wire. Wind is blowing. Grasses are touching the wire, nearby and in the distance, creating the rumbling sound. Recorded late april 2021 in a field in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium.

Wind harp installation, made with sea fishing wire of various thickness and cans of different sizes. Temporarily set up in a field in the Pajottenland in Belgium for this recording (21st June 2021). Two omni mics (Lom Usi’s) were placed a few centimeters below the opening of two cans, creating a nice stereo effect.

Handmade electronics circuit, consisting of three photoresistors, a CD40106B Hex Inverter IC, a piezo and a few other basic components. The circuit creates a cricket-like chirping rhythm, which is modulated by the photoresistors. Playing around with a periodically flashing bicycle light creates an additional rhytm. Recorded in different takes and layered. During the second half the battery runs out of charge, documenting the slow death of our cricket.